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The Smartest Method To Buy A Business Opportunity

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How To Sell Paid Subscriptions and See Success: Tips for selling subscription-based services from home.  Let’s face it, the world is changing in ways that just weeks ago none of us would have thought possible.  Some of the changes will become the new ‘normal’.  Come see how you can increase sales in any economy.

by Kevin James Culp

Photo by Nicole Wolf on Unsplash

Salespeople all around the world will need to shift their focus, use new tools and adapt to new surroundings that present fresh challenges.  Challenges such as working from your living room rather than your WeWork office or fixed office.  Where will you sit?  Will you be on camera?  How will that look?  How will you look on camera?  What will the background look like?  Do you need to record the calls?  Are you going to use new tech?  So many things to consider when working out a fixed home base for your new home office.  In weeks to come salespeople I believe will use the telephone A LOT more, will learn to SMS for business, be far more active on social media that ever before, learn to email market for business and market in new ways that you can only do from home.  Even as we transition back into the pre-pandemic economy things will largely for at least the next year or so be one primary from home.  We should embrace this new norm and try to grow businesses in new ways.

Truth be told, the self-employed, the home-based business owner, the side-gig economy is actually far better suited to make this transition that folks who are in a traditional office environment because many of us are already working from home.  We know how to deal with the dog that barks at 3 pm to 4 pm each day and smiling doors and so on that can be embarrassing in the past will now be accepted as normal.

Now, we must think and act in new ways that are designed to yield the same results using new parameters.  This is especially true with paid monthly recurrent subscription programs.  Many of us have seen our business models change radically as of late.  If your business model is or has transitioned to selling any of your solutions via a subscription or “As a service,” I serve up some tips for you to close more sales.

Consider These Top Tips When You Restart Your Sales Engine:

  1. Use the telephone a whole lot more than you ever did in the past.  A key tip here is to know whom you call and why.  Having some random scraped list is how many people start out and I gotta tell you that is the hard road and might even do damage to your brand in the process.  The reason is simple usually.
  2. Consider a video testimonial that you can use on Facebook and other forms of social.  In some cases, you can even email the video testimonial that talks about the benefits of your product or service.
  3. Post on social as much as you can using your own accounts and ask friends to report your posts to help you gain a wider audience.  What you don’t create yourself, share on social as much as you can.  Retweet, repost, share and then drop in your link or phone.
  4. Consider paid advertising in the form of email marketing.  This is provided you have a list or a growing list to market to using this medium.
  5. One proven method to gaining the attention of your customer is to build a relationship via commenting.  The more you comment on posts you really like for whatever reason and are authentic you will see some traction and responses.
  6. Ask for help!  Your friends and family are at home right now and many with not much to do other than to clean their bathroom again and watch paint dry.  MANY want to help you if you reach out and ask for it.  Ask them to buy the service or product straight away yes.  However, your F&F can do more than buy from you.  They can multiply your marketing 10x’s – 100x’s even 10,000x’s depending on how many friends you have and how many they have.  Put together a top-=notch post with great writing, with call-to-action that is crystal clear, pick a royalty-free image side like UnSplash.com and post on all of your networks.  Ten ask them to share it or even repost what you just posted.  Ask them to ask their friends to do the same.  Once that chance is started – keep links growing and keep posting once every few days.  Try not to over post as you will wear out your welcome with your new social helpers.  Everyone wants to help someone right now.  Ask for help!!  You never how how much you might receive if you do ask.

Keep an eye out for Part 4 where I list my top selections on how to post your service free to get millions of free views and potential sales.

Thanks for Reading and Carpe Diem My Friends

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